28 May 2006

MCS Spring Formal

I set up a web page with pictures from our school Prom from a few weeks ago... Click here to see the pics...

Quote from Jonathan Edwards on prayer

"It is evident that we do not, in this duty (prayer), declare our wants and desires in order to inform God, or to incline his heart to show mercy; but suitably to affect our own hearts, and so to prepare ourselves for the reception of the blessings we ask." - A Treatise on Religious Affections, pg. 36.

25 May 2006

My favorite quote from today

I had a particular song on my computer through Rhapsody, and a former student came in and asked me, "Hey isn't that Country Gas?", "uh, I said, you mean 'Classical Gas'?" Funny if you know the tune...

23 May 2006

2 More Books

Okay, so I have been a little slow on the postings lately... things are hectic at school... but the evenings still provide some time to read... here are the two latest completions...

The Best American Mystery Stories 2003 is a book that I sought out only because the editor of the collection was Michael Connelly. However, I will tell you that even though many of the stories were violently or sexually brutal, I came away amazed at how well these stories were written. I am not a writer, but these people had an amazing ability to conceive of a plot, introduce characters, develop those characters and wrap up the story with a satisfying conclusion with relative ease. I was impressed. The best story, in my opinion, was called After You're Gone.

A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards is truly one of the most significant books that I have ever read. Edwards knowledge of the Scriptures is second to none, and his ability to apply it to the heart and mind of Christian people is amazing. I found that I was underlining huge sections on almost every page. I could not move quickly through this book, and found myself mentally (if not even physically saying), "Yes, I agree, it could not have been said better!"... tremendous theological insights into the human condition and how it relates to our relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father. Excellent.

17 May 2006

2 Books

I have finished up a couple of books in the last month or so that I wanted to add...

Death in the City by Francis Schaeffer is a powerful commentary on the effect of sin upon our post-Christian/relativistic/post-modern culture. He discusses several portions of Romans as well as the example of Jeremiah to show why things are that way, as well as what our response as Christians should be... a good read, I highly reccommend it.

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne was something that had sat on my shelf for a long time. I actually got it used to begin with, but it was a good read as well... it is considered one of the earliest Science Fiction novels, even though it does not include the modern use of aliens and UFO's. There were several things that entertained me about it, especially since I have also circumnavigated the globe.

05 May 2006

So is this real? I don't know...

It is hard to say, in the age of Photoshop, whether this is real or not. But apparently, this rabbit is some kind of German rabbit... more than an arm full if it is true...
(it's still a pretty funny pic no matter what).