16 February 2017

Quotables - Johnathan Edwards

"They who truly come to God for mercy, come as beggars, not as creditors."

—Jonathan Edwards

14 February 2017

Quoatables - Dr. James White

"I honestly do not understand how anyone can say 'I believe the Bible is the Word of God' without being passionate about that confession. I love the Trinity, justification by faith, the Resurrection, and sola scriptura. I do not pretend to be dispassionate about these things, and, as such, I stand firmly on this assertion: Christian scholarship that lacks passion about the truth is not worthy of the name Christian to begin with. If dispassion and detachment are necessary attributes of scholarship, then I do not seek the appellation. I cannot comprehend dry faith, arid confession, or mere mental assent."

- James White, from Scripture Alone, p.10

10 February 2017

A Baptism Debate: Pastor Bill Shisko and Dr. James White

A very good debate on the topic of baptism. Pastor Bill Shisko represents the Paedo Baptist view. Dr. James White represents the Credo Baptist view.