23 April 2007

Cards on the Table

I have continued my march through Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot mystery novels... Cards on the Table is one that I actually had seen on DVD first, and actually the endings of the two versions are slightly different... the DVD version has a few 21st century morality issues that maybe existed during Christie's time, but that she may not have been willing to bring out so openly... however it is still a very good rendition of the book... Poirot sticks to his non-conventional interest in clues that do not seem vital to the case, but as always, ends up being able to put all of his 'cards on the table' and arrest the culprit... I don't know who authored the screen play for the DVD version, but it has some very uintriguiging twists as well that the book left out... things that I think Agatha Christie would have thought were genious in themself... I also liked the casting of Alexander Siddig (recently seen in Syriana)... a capable and mysterious actor...

10 April 2007

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird has always been one of my favorite movies... it has been years since I had read the book and I have seen it sitting on the shelf for several months... after watching the movie Capote, (Harper Lee, the author, was very close friends with Truman Capote), I decided to read it again... what a great book... the character's are so well crafted and believable... and the story is such a life lesson to us about people's equality, the necessity of law, the innocence of learning about life, and other things... time well spent...

03 April 2007

German car 'garage'

Pretty cool... someone sent these to my in my email...
thought it was pretty ingenious... (Watch out below!!!)