30 September 2005

#5 - Seda eating tarantula

Wheh... this picture turned out well, but I was grimacing as I saw her do this... even though she did not eat the whole thing, it was the thought that she was putting a tarantula in her mouth that 'bugged' me... she ate the legs off of it, and that seemed to be enough... they were being sold like snacks on the side of the road... anyway you can click on the picture to see it a little closer... also, here is an article that you can link to about one guy's experiences eating spiders in Cambodia...

29 September 2005

A time for giving...

Each of the orphans in Phnom Penh received a toy (beanie baby type), a book as well as some other things... here is a picture of one of the girls after she received hers...

28 September 2005

Fun times

Need I say more about this picture? It was fun for these girls to have fun with sunglasses that they had never seen before. We had a bag of toys and these were in there... just fun.

25 September 2005

Ohio State 31 - Iowa 6

In what should have been an even more punishing win, the Bucks score 31 points (even though they fumbled 2 times on the Iowa 5 yard line), racked up more than 500 yards of offense (Ohio State? Really?) and the defense allowed negative 9 yards rushing by Iowa for a dominating win at The Horseshoe. Thanks Dave for taking me along and Go Bucks! There are two weeks remaining until the first away game, at Penn State... enjoy the pics... (even though Script Ohio is upside down...)

23 September 2005

Buckeyes 27 - San Diego State 6

Apart from a terrible defensive start for the Bucks, they come away with a win... it was not a pretty game for the Buckeyes, but a win is a win... here are some pics that I took last Saturday (thanks Greg!) ... this Saturday, Iowa (Thanks Dave!) As Always a great day for the band!

22 September 2005

Back with #7

Well, I know now that my home computer is pretty much dead now... so I have lost a few things, including my list of what order I put my 20 favorite pictures in... so, I am going to have to guess on a few things about what my last favorite 7 pictures were (or at least what order they were in...) so this is one of the guesses... one of the beautiful children at the orphanage in Battambang...

21 September 2005

Ah, Computers...

I have no idea if anyone out there is paying attention, but if there are, I have had to pause a while with new postings because my home computer has gone the way of the dodo... hopefully some new things will show up soon... In the meantime, maybe check out Paul McCartney's new album and website... or, you can check out information on Dodo's...

16 September 2005

#8 - Girl in Battambang

I love this shot. Here is this little girl who has nearly nothing to her name, but is so joyful over the prospect of holding a ball filled with air, and getting her picture taken. We were working on several of the children's teeth, and she was either waiting to be seen, or waiting for the other orphans to be seen by the dentist. This is the same girl (if you have seen any of my video shots) who is swimming at the water park in the same dress she is wearing in this picture. There are no swimsuits... it is just jump in with the clothes you have. This is one her of two outfits. In many ways it seems like we should pity her, but she is content and joyful. Those are things that I want! What a smile!

14 September 2005

#9 - Phillip

I had a feeling when I took this shot that it would be good. Phillip is a Khmer young man that I have gotten to know the last two summers... he is a really neat person who has a wonderful spirit. I got to meet his father and at least two of his brothers. He told me that he has six brothers and one sister! I think that she may be the youngest as well! He has been playing guitar for a while, and even though you can not see it, that is what he is doing in this picture.

12 September 2005

#10 - Boy in Market

This young man (I have no idea how old he is), just blew my mind when I saw his legs (click on pic to enlarge). He was sitting in the Central Market in Phnom Penh and was basically begging for money. My heart and mind were totally caught off guard when I saw him. What do you say to someone who is so debilitated? One of my Cambodian friends said that he was born that way, but others have proposed the possibility of his legs being purposefully broken at birth, which I have heard of happening in third world countries. Franlkly the deformities look too symetrical to be done any other way than via a birth defect. I gave him some money and he allowed me to take his picture. Easily one of the most moving pictures of my trip this summer.

08 September 2005

Jim and the kids

Here is another shot that I wish I had taken, Jim and some of the girls had fun with markers in the dental "recovery" room...

07 September 2005

#11 Sreynith

This is again my friend Sreynith. She is 11 years old and lives at the Orphanage at Battambang. We had a great time getting to know each other this year and she is a real sweetheart... This was just a fun picture that grabbed me...

06 September 2005


This is one of the orphans at the Battambang Orphanage. He is so small, but is a real cute kid. He and another one of the kids we call "The Count" from Sesame Street, becuase of the teeth.