28 November 2006

Death in the Clouds

I had to check my blog, but it has been over a month since I have finished a book... I knew that it had been a while... school, etc has been hectic... so this past Thanksgiving break, I set out to rectify that, if only for my own sanity... I read Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie... I am always amazed by how she can weave complex plots, cast doubt upon the innocence (or guilt) of ten characters or more and then wrap it up with a solution that makes sense... not my favorite Poirot novel, but it was still good! A murder takes place in mid flight from Paris to London, and Poirot is sleeping on the plane when it happens!

27 November 2006

Just about says it all doesn't it?

I saw this truck going down the road one day and got a quick shot...
thought it summed things up rather well...

Zune: So you want to be an iPod killer

I've been looking a little bit into the Zune, Microsoft's new mp3 player as it compares to Apple's iPod... if you've got any advice, feel free to let me know... here is an article to check out if you are interested... "Zune: So you want to be an iPod killer" by Mike Elgan of Computerworld.

21 November 2006

Dinner at the Engleharts

We had a farewell dinner for Narin and Maly the other night at the Englehart's house the other night. Narin was returning to Cambodia and Maly is moving on to North Carolina. It was nice to have Socheata and Viseth there as well with their kids.

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15 November 2006

More Moto Mania

This is definitely one of my favorite shots... I call it (rather creatively, I might add) "Five to a moto". When this is all you've got for family transportation, you make the most of it...
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03 November 2006

November Band Concert

Here are some pictures from our band concert last night... there will be more pictures on the MCS website in the near future. Thanks students, you did a great job!

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