21 November 2015

Fun in the Leaves

There aren't many good reasons for having four silver maples, but this is definitely one...

17 November 2015

After the Funeral - Agatha Christie

"Not that Poirot was really looking for evidence - he wanted only to satisfy himself as to possibilities. The murder of Richard Abernathie could only be a hypothesis. It was Cora Lansquenet's murder for which evidence was needed. What he wanted was to study the people who have been assembled for the funeral that day, and to form his own conclusions about them." - Pg. 164-165

I am always amazed at how Agatha Christie is able to come up with a different approach to each of her books. In After the Funeral, she is able to develop a tale where the evidence is merely the characters themselves.  There are a few pieces of traditional evidence,  but by in large, she uses them as distractions.