24 March 2007

Mark Twain

Ever since I found a copy of The Complete Essays of Mark Twain in my parents' basement, I have been intrigued to read it... I can't say that I had ever read anything by him with the exception of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, but he is one of those Americans that it just seems like we should know about... (Actually he has some quote where he says that he is not 'an' American, he says that he is 'the' American.)

It was enlightening. I guess part of me thought that it would just be this big joke book, but it was so much more than that. There are numerous essays that don't have a single lick of humor in it... nevertheless his wit, intellect and astute observations carry you through. It is a pretty hefty read, though. I am a slow reader, but it took me since before Christmas or so to complete (reading only an article or two per night). Some of my favorite articles dealt with Shakespeare, religion, taxes, health spas in Europe and traveling down the Rhone river. Maybe if you have time (and energy) you can check it out...

23 March 2007

of the Unbelievable and Perspective

I will admit it, last night I went to bed. I gave up on the Buckeyes. They were down by 20 before half, and 17 at the break... I thought they had no chance of coming back... so I went home and went to bed... and they won. Here is a link for a video that may be available for a few days... Ron Lewis is amazing... big shot after big shot fell for him and Michael Connelly (not my favorite contemporary novelist Michael Connelly), and they won. Absolutely unbelievable. Greg Oden was essentially a non factor. I was amazed he was even able to block the last shot of the game... when he had three fouls in the first half, I didn't think he would even be playing at the end of the game, but he did and came up big 'when it counted'...

All that being said... how much does it really matter? It is easy for me to be detached about basketball because it is not something I am really passionate about. If it was the football team, I would be ecstatic, but... anyway, the reason I bring it up is because I need a change of heart. I need to be more satisfied and charged up by the Lord than I am by a basketball game... it all has it's place, and I am not condemning having a good time and cheering on a team... I am all for that, but I need to keep in mind that God is my ultimate satisfaction, desire and pleasure... not a sports victory... I hope that I can watch their next game, but I do hope more than that I look more and more like Christ, and not so much like a Buckeye 'when it counts'.

16 March 2007

An Irish Blessing for you...

May the most you wish for be the least you get.
May the best times you've ever had be the worst you'll ever see.

14 March 2007

Nothing to think about (2)

I just saw a sign that said... "Room for rent, Pool and Ping Pong Table". So does this mean that there is a pool to go swimming in, and also a pool table, or does that mean that there is a pool table AND a ping pong table... your guess is as good as mine.