27 April 2006

Cleveland 7, BoSox 1

A bunch of us went to the Indians game last night... here are some of the better pictures...


Today I heard what may be the single most stupid thing I have ever heard come out of a student's mouth in all of my years of teaching. A very young student who is not comprehending what has been taught all year looked at me and said, "I just play too many sports, and that's why I can not understand music." On the surface of it, it may not be that obvious how un-intellectual this statement really is. But to me, it definitely is obvious how sad and pathetic a statement that it is about his laziness.

25 April 2006

I love my new digital camera!

This little guy showed up in the backyard the other day
and gave me the time for 40 or 50 cool shots... here are three.

19 April 2006

Vigil at Grace Fellowship Church

Each Holy Week, the church I attend hosts a vigil that is open to the community. There are five separate rooms that each have a diiferent theme. Below are some of the pictures that I took there.

14 April 2006

Playing Games at New Life Christian School

Here are some pictures of some of the students at New Life Christian School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I recognize many of the faces, but they are getting bigger! These are just a few pictures of the children playing some games.

12 April 2006

Time for a new posting...

I was letting those Asia's Hope videos sit there for a while so that people could see them easily, but I think it is time for something new. There have been a few things that I have thought about posting, but I think that I'll do some new books that I have finished. So for those of you who are out there (maybe a few), enjoy...

How to Read Shakespeare by Nicholas Royle - this was a gift from my mother at Christmas, and I actually finished it a while back, but thought I'd include it here... an intriguing book in it's approach... the author took one word from each of 7 different plays and used those words to describe (in each chapter) William's approach to writing. The author was brilliant in some of his explanations, however, I think that he may be a little personally interested in the use of sex in Shakespeare...

The Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie - a good read. This is coming out on DVD at the end of May with David Suchet playing Poirot again. I am sure that it will be a spot on presentation as always... my only disappointment with this one was that as I began to read it, there were some things familiar about it... and within the first few chapters, I realized that this was a 'novelized' version of one of her short stories "The Plymouth Express". Exact same outcome, exact same types of characters... Annoying if you are familiar with both writings.

Dictionary of Shakespeare by Louise McConnell - this is something that I picked up on the discount rack after Christmas at Barnes and Noble. I have read it slowly, but then again, reading a dictionary is not always that interesting. Nonetheless, I really liked it. The cover says "Clear definitions of the characters, plays, poems, history and stagecraft." That is very accurate. It was really more like reading a desk encyclopedia of Shakespeare than reading a dictionary, but it was good. I don't advise reading more than about 4 pages a night, unless you are a real fan.

The Secret Society of Demolition Writers edited by Marc Parent - the title would take to long to explain here, but it is a collection of semi-anonymous short stories. 'Semi-anonymous' because even though you do not know who wrote each of the stories per se, the names of the contributing authors are on the cover. I read it mostly because I knew that Michael Connelly had submitted one. It did do something to ignite my often smoldering interest in writing.